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Adding #photo to the description will convert a short-answer text question into a photo question.

Using #photo requires that the #fileFolder tag is specified in the form description. Follow the one-time setup instructions here.

Additional tags:

  1. #maxPixels (default is 2048) This is the maximum width of the image. If the camera takes larger images, they will be resized such that the longest edge matches this value.
  2. #minCount (default is 0) This tag indicates the minimum number of images that are required. The default is 0 meaning that the question is optional.
  3. #maxCount (default is 1) This tag indicates the maximum number of images that can be captured. If more than 1, then a grid of photos is created.

Example 1

In this example, the question specifies a single photo.

Example 2

In this example, the question specifies at most 5 photos and they should be size-reduced so that they are no more than 1600 pixels on a side.